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3 important technical parameter you should know when choosing a bike frame

Nowadays, material that can be used in making bike frame are including steel, aluminum, titanium, magnesium alloy, scandium alloy, carbon fiber and so on.   Steel, aluminum, titanium and  carbon fiber are the most common materials which are widely used  in the market. Before you choose one of these materials to make a bicycle frame, you should know  three main  technical parameters.

1.Strength.  Suppose that you put some object  hang on one end of a metal rod and its weigh is heavy enough to produce deformation for life. When you take away the heavy object, the bent metal pod is still showing without fully returning to its original state. This kind of process  is called ‘yield”.  The yield strength differs due to the difference of the material.  That is called “strength”.  The durability and the permanence of the frame are related to the way of riding instead of the quality.   Strength  is determined by the yield strength of the material. The quality and yield strength of the pipe frame have an important relationship with  the alloy composition and heat treatment.

2.RIgidity (Stiffness).  Suppose that you put one end of the metal pod in a fixed device and the other end with an heavy object, which makes the metal pod bend temporarily.  when the heavy object is removed, the metal rod will restore its original shape promptly.  if same weight is put on the different materials, it will produce the curvature at different degrees.  That is called rigidity.   The quality of the frame have to be rigid because it happens during normal riding variants.  It is decided by the elasticity of rigid material,which is an important component, rather than the elastic coefficient, the quality of the metal and its alloys.  For instance,
all types of steels basically have the same elasticity coefficient.

3.weight : weight is also an important technical parameter besides the rigidity and strength.  Rigidity is very mild like the weight of the material that is affected by the alloy component even though you close the frame ” Lite Steel TM (lightweight steel)”. In fact, almost all the stalls are in same weight. Followings are some of the features of our some common materials:

Elastic coefficient (rigid)
strength (yield point)
Weight (kg / m)
11-59 (4-22 after annealing)

Please pay attention that rigidity has nothing to do with the weight or the qualities of the material, heat treatment or alloy component.  For example,  all the vehicles, no matter they are cheap or worth thousands of dollars, they all have the same elastic coefficient 30 and weight 490.  Now we can learn that these types of the materials is used to produce frame in the same shape and thickness pipes.  The aluminum frame rigid steel frame is only one-third of titanium car and  only  half frame of steel.  The comparison above is very usual  and meaningless because nobody will use the same specification to build three different frame materials.  Actually ,the production of the bike is according to the features of the materials,the combination between  pipe diameter and wall thickness.  The rigidity of the frames  mainly depends on the diameter. The strength  mainly depends on the pipe wall thickness and diameter while  the wall thickness will have an effect on the  weight of the frame.   Frame manufacturers have to measure the intensity which is related to different diameters rigidity, thickness , weight and then they can make a final decision.

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