About lightbike.shop

Our company, which is affiliated to China’s biggest carbon fiber manufacturing corporation whose name is YingYou Group.it is the first corporation to specialize in producing carbon fiber bike frames in bicycle industry in China. We have advanced carbon fiber manufacturing technology. Our purpose is to satisfy urban population who pursue life of high quality according to the demands of the market.We try to give more excellent products and services for every bicycle lover, expecting to bring every customer reassurance, safety, convenience, affection, dream and touches.

YingYou Group is a big Chinese corporation specializing in textile machinery,textile,carbon fiber new material and its products. It is a skeleton enterprise which will be paid great attention to in China’s national new material industrialization base. It is an enterprise which will be highly cultivated by China’s National Engineering Technology Center.We have the most advanced textile industrial park and the biggest production base which owns ten thousand tons of carbon fiber in China. The comprehensive economy index is among top ten in the same industry for several years in a row in China.

Our company relies on Group’s research and development power  support to break the technology monopoly in some European and American enterprises. We researched and developed the first carbon fiber bike frame successfully, which totally owns intellectual property,in China in 2009. And we have passed the CE certification successfully. Compared to the ordinary bikes, our bikes have advantages of rigidity,high intensity,light weight, anti- aging and great shock absorption.

We are one of the few companies in the world that can produce carbon fiber materials, which means we can grasp the most complicated structure and give full play to the maximum potential of carbon fiber materials. At the same time, they makes us get the materials which can reach the aviation level without limitations, and we have the cost advantage ahead of our competitors.

No one has tried to make the carbon fiber bike frame like us because we take control of every part of the process, including the ideas of carbon fiber materials,design, testing and improvement. What we have done is to build the most excellent carbon fiber bikes to help people realize the cycling dreams of high quality.

Our craft, including built-in inflatable bags with heterotype ,solidification and molding after cooling down,solves the problem of the combination between carbon fiber and resin and guarantees the technological stability during the molding process of carbon fiber bike frame.  We have applied for 5 related patents on this project during implementation process. The test parameter is ahead of CE certification standards. We are also the first company to research and develop T800 carbon fiber bike frame the first time in China. We export our products to America,Europe,Asia and other 50 countries and regions worldwide.

We work as a subcontractor for many famous bicycle brands worldwide for a long time. You can get the carbon fiber bike frame with a preferential price and same quality of world’s top brands in this store.

Business philosophy: we will help people to realize riding dreams of higher quality through the innovative technology of carbon fiber and excellent products. We I’ll try our best to become your favorite and reliable enterprise.