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bicycle frame size for choosing the right bike

It is very important to get the bike of your choice because it helps you to get comfortable and you can easily handle it. You can follow the Wiggle bike guide for the sake of choosing the right bike because it helps you to get rid of this problem and provide you solution. All you need to do is to read the guide and after reading it contact to an expert for getting additional information.

How to choosing the right bike frame size for you?

It is very important for you to choose the right bike for you because it can give you comfort in many ways. Bikes are usually measured by the length of its seat tube. This measurement is given in cm and inches for mountain bikes. The measurement may differ from the brand but wiggle measures all of the bikes in the same way because they have a standard and measure all of the bikes to that standard.

Measurement you need

There are many types of measurements but mostly three types are used for measuring a bike. First one is your height, the second one is your leg and the third one is your reach. You can measure a bike by using these three things.

Your height

You can determine the size of the bike on your height. You can compare the measurement of the bike with your height and if it suits you then you can buy it.

Your reach

You can also determine the bike by using your reach. The reach can be determined by measuring the gap between your arms. Your upper body should easily reach to the handle of the bike because handling a bike is you’re important. If you don’t handle your bike then there is no point in buying it. Make sure that your arm span is greater than height.

Do you need to buy a specific bike for women?

It is one of the major question asked by most of the people. Most of the people ask that is they need to buy a unisex bike or not. Most of the women tend to ride the bike same as the men and some of them like to buy a specific bike. Every person has its choice but it should be kept in mind that women are shorter than men so riding the same bike as men will give them some problem due to their height. Before buying a bike, make sure to measure it on your height.

Choosing bike for kids

It may become a problem for choosing a bike for kids because the size of kids are different from adults and also they like to choose different bikes. There are some points which you should be kept in mind before choosing a bike for your child. Make sure to take your child with you and tell him to choose the bike of his choice. Before buying a bike for your child, make sure to measure the bike and compare it to the height of your choice. If it looks comfortable to you then you can choose wiggle for buying the bike for your child.

Therefore, if you want to buy a bike and don’t know how to choose the best bike then you can get help from wiggle. It is one of the best guides which you can get. They can tell you all of the things which you need to know about the bike before knowing them. You can see charts and measure the bike according to your height so that it becomes easy for you to handle the bike.




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