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Bicycle lock faucet lock

ln daily use of bikes, the bike is easy to topple and fall when the front basket carries heavy stuff, making the bike and the stuff both likely to be damaged, while this problem can be solved by this faucet lock, which gives users good using experience. When stopping the bike, the faucet lock must be locked tightly, so that the bike can keep balance and prevent itself from toppling; the bike can be locked and unlocked by rotating the case according to the direction on the top of the faucet lock; it is easy to use and the direction is clear; the appearance of the bike is simple and tasteful.

Films:Faucet Lock Faucet Lock
product brand:Feimin
Product Category:Leisure car
Product Size:2.54 * 4.40 * 3.00 (cm)
Product Weight:0.07 (kg)
Product Price:30.00 (RMB)

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