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Bicycle taillight intelligent safety warning taillights

1.It can intelligently identify the brightness of lights and automatically turn on ond turn off the light. In addition, it can automatically shut down in the static state at a certain time. Intelligent identification of the environment, intelligent switch, intelligent adjustment.
2.It CCM intelligently identify the brake sensor. The emergency braking on a moving bike will trigger the intelligent identification of the rear light which will then keep its strongest light on for 3-4 seconds in most cases. This is to give pedestrians and vehicles behind a safety warning. In addition, it can filter false alarms caused by burnpy roads effectively and intelligently.
3.When the bike crashes accidentally and tilted more than 60 degrees, the bike con detect the crash intelligently and stop automatically. In addition, it will light up to give SOS emergency distress signal until the tail lamp battery runs out, which can be as long as 15 to 20 hours under the state of full charge.
4.Short-time parking, such as in public toilets or supermarkets, you can turn on the burglar alarm through the blue button. When someone touches the bike, it will automatically issue an alarm sound of 105-120 d8 to remind the bike owner.

Films:Intelligent Safety Warning Tail Light
Product Category:Bicycle taillight Bicycle taillight
Product Size:9.00 * 4.30 * 2.20 (cm)
Product Weight:0.05 (kg)
Product Price:159.00 (RMB)

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