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Bicycle torque wrench

1.The lightweight and accurate torque spanner is not a burden when it is taken out. 2.You don’t have to worry about it being broken when adjusting the ports.
3.1t’s not necessary to learn how to set up the torque force; what the pointer shows is the exact torque force.
4.1t is as accurate as a piece of an instrument, only with a reasonable price.
5.With a large interface, numbers can be read more easily.
6.Its unique shape is comfortable to grip and easy to handle.
7.5crews with torsion range of 0-10 Mm and head of 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and T25 are
applicable to most of the parts which need to be tightened, so no more other tools are needed

Films:Ocarin Torque Wrench Set Ocarina Torque Wrench Set
product brand:Riverside IceToolz
Product Category:Hand tools HAND TOOL
Product Size:13.60 * 4.00 * 14.60 (cm)
Product Weight:0.09 (kg)
Product Price:180.00 (RMB)

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