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hydraulic disc brakes VS mechanical disc brakes

I’ve got lots of questions about hydraulic disc brakes VS mechanical disc brakes, which one is better , Pros and cons.

So I made this article to answer those questions, As a personal point open for discussion .

1, hydraulic disc brakes

hydraulic disc brake use oil as a medium to drive power to actuate the brakes, the oil is a light oil. Less impurities, not easy to dissolve oxygen, high permeability, light quality.

Different brands or models of hydraulic disc brake, equipped with different levels of brake oil, most of them is the same oil, but there are special ones.

Let’s take Shimano as example, all of Shimano hydraulic disc brakes under XT level using Advanced mineral oil  as medium.
Construction and working principle

hydraulic disc brakes is generally composed of three parts, brakes handlebar, pipe, cylinder; hydraulic disc brakes is a high-precision seal, pinch the brake to make the oil compression, and then push the clip and disc friction, so the brake occurred.

1.3 the Pros of hydraulic disc brakes

Let’s take Shimano as example again,In shimano hydraulic disc brakes series,even the most low end hydraulic disc brakes is still better then mechanical disc brakes.

A s the standard equipment of professional cycling, Mainly have the following three advantages:

  • Good braking performance,The hydraulic disc brakes are using two-way floating brake system, both sides of Brake Lining to make the friction at the same time,
    it’s able to fully touching the disc side, resulting in greater friction, so that it can quickly brake;
  • Comfortable hand feeling,Oil disc is fully sealed, in the brake process, the brake design on the use of the principle of leverage, even if we use very little effort to pinch the brakes, you can get a very good braking effect, Under normal circumstances only a finger can completely control the hydraulic disc brakes, inching braking, So it greatly reduces the strength of our hand when the downhill brake, Can effectively avoid prolonged riding fatigue caused by the brake is not enough, resulting in the loss of control of the bicycle.
  • Easy to maintain. As a high-precision sealed parts, as long as not because of riding full down, or other reasons break the Cylinder , then the hydraulic disc brakes is very stable, and it does not need to change the oil often  (some people say that it’s need regular oil change, that is Wrong! he must too bored, in fact, as long as the cylinder is not destroyed, you can always use it for 10 years)

1.4 The cons of hydraulic disc brakes

If you have to point out some cons of hydraulic disc brakes, there are only fews. some guys says when you disassemble the quick release wheelset and reduction the Cylinder, there are Disc friction happens some times. This is simply irresponsible of speaking, very wrong! because for all the quick release wheelset, The strength of the clamping is not the same, you just need find the appropriate strength to install the QR wheelset, then this problem is gone.

In my opinion, the real cons of hydraulic disc brakes only has two.

1 the pro level of hydraulic disc brakes is too expensive. even the little better ones cost over 150USD,

2 Its also expensive for repair,  what if the Cylinder got crashed from a fall down, you need refill oil, cost another  50USD. also that required you know a good technician guy.

So it’s all about the cost issue.and if you don’t fall often and have a good budget, just go for a hydraulic disc brakes.

2、mechanical disc brakes

2.1 mechanical disc brakes,means brake with wire rope instead of oil which We mentioned above.

let’s take the AIVID BB5 as example, most of mechanical disc brakes using the single side floating brake. means the one side keep it’s position and another side compressing. then tighten the clip.produce the friction.

There are also have two side compression brake disc, like winzip made in China. just the both side mechanical disc brakes has higher cost, I mean if the cost similar with hydraulic disc brake, when don’t just go with hydraulic disc brake.

For the Pros and Cons of mechanical disc brakes,  

they are two main Cons of mechanical disc brakes:

1 Mechanical disc brakes depends on wire rope drive the power to brake, but the wire explored in the air, if they got rust or oxidation. then you will lost the precise brake control.

2 Also what if the spring for reset the wire is aging. then you may have a big issue on brake. You release your hand from brake handle bar, but the brakes do not stop.

Since 2012,disc brake is almost the Standard configuration in mountain biking, disc brake has easy understanding structure, good price ,easy to play with, so disc brake kicked off the V brake in MTB biking. so disc brake is most widely used brake system.

But I have to say now it’s the time to move on hydraulic disc brakes. 

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Tire weight comparison for 29er Database

Tire weight is matters! found a list about so many brand’s tire weight , so people can find your best one.

Tire Advertised Weight (g) Average Weight (g)
Bontrager Jones ACX 29 2.2 TLR 680 656
Bontrager Jones ACX 29 2.2 625 644
Bontrager Jones XR 2.25 (front) ? 618
Bontrager FR3 (team issue) 880 890
Bontrager XR 2.25 TLR ? 709
Bontrager XR1 29er (team issue) 495 492
Bontrager XR1 29er (expert) 560 539
Bontrager 29-0 1.9 (team issue) 400 426
Bontrager 29-1 2.0 (expert) 546
Bontrager 29-2 TLR 2.1 (team issue) ? 611
Bontrager 29-3 2.0 (team issue) 460 451
Bontrager 29-3 2.25 (team issue) 650 702
Bontrager 29-3 TLR 2.25 (team issue) 730 712
Bontrager 29-3 TLR 2.0 (expert) 595 600
Bontrager Mud X TLR 2.0 670 690
Bontrager XDX TLR 2.1 710 721
Continental Mountain King 2.2 ProTection 740 671
Continental Mountain Kings 2.2 700 631
Continental Mountain Kings 2.4 750 775
Continental Race Kings 2.2 650 649
Continental Race King ProTection 2.2 650 626
Continental Race King 2.2 Racesport 570 534
Continental Speed King II 2.2 Racesport 465 468
Continental X-King 2.2 700 728
Continental X-King ProTection 2.2 655 689
Continental X-King 2.4 Racesport 640 649
CST Caballero 2.25 750 856
Geax AKA 2.2 Folding 650 705
Geax AKA 2.2 TNT 750 742
Geax Barro Race 2.0 Folding 450 465
Geax Barro Race 2.0 TNT 660 707
Geax Barro Race 2.0 UST 740 #DIV/0!
Geax Gato 2.3 690 764
Geax Gato 2.3 TNT 790 894
Geax Saguaro 2.2 TNT 840 788
Geax Saguaro 2.2 Folding 640 713
Geax Saguaro 2.2 UST 940 945
Hutchinson Python 29er tubeless ready 650 652
Hutchinson Toro 2.15 tubeless 723
Intense System 29 2.25 837
IRC Mythos 2.1 720 600
IRC Notos 2.1 735 655
IRD Fire XC Pro folding 2.1 (panaracer?) 715 712
Kenda Karma 1.9 505 522
Kenda Karma 2.2 779 803
Kenda Klaw 1.95 688
Kenda Nevegal 2.2 827 827
Kenda Small Block 2.1 579 588
Kenda Slant Six 2.2 740 +/- 35 714
Maxxis Aspen 2.1 eXC 530 525
Maxxis Aspen 2.1 585 #DIV/0!
Maxxis Ardent 2.25 765 761
Maxxis Ardent 2.25 LUST 885 886
Maxxis Ardent 2.4 795 807
Maxxis Ardent 2.4 EXO TR 800 836
Maxxis Beaver 2.0 490 517
Maxxis Crossmark 2.1 605 623
Maxxis Crossmark 2.1 LUST 835 800
Maxxis Ignitor 2.1 595 600
Maxxis Ignitor 2.1 EXO 590 612
Maxxis IKON 2.2 520 530
Maxxis IKON 2.2 EXO 575 592
Maxxis IKON 2.35 EXO TR 740 719
Maxxis Minion DHF 2.5 1015 1034
Michelin XC at 2.0 725 682
Michelin WildRace’R 700 695
Nokian Gazza Extreme 2.1 studded 1100 1097
Onza Canis C3 120 2.25 700 631
Panaracer Driver Pro 2.2 590 607
Panaracer Rampage 29 800 750
Schwalbe Furious Fred 2.0 (now TL Ready) 335 349
Schwalbe Hans Dampf 2.35 Snakeskin 850 866
Schwalbe Little Albert 2.1 590 590
Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2.25 Performance 646 620
Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2.25 TL Ready Snakeskin 650 697
Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2.25 Double Defense TLE 760 751
Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2.35 TL Ready Snakeskin 725 755
Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.25 Performance 610 589
Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.25 (now TL Ready) 535 562
Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.25 Snakeskin TLE 605 649
Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.25 Double Defense TLE 675 697
Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.35 (now TL Ready) 620 590
Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.4 (now TL Ready) 640 600
Schwalbe Rapid Rob Performance 790 660
Schwalbe Rocket Ron 2.25 (now TL Ready) 520 532
Schwalbe Rocket Ron 2.25 Snakeskin (now TL Ready) 605 632
Schwalbe Rocket Ron 2.25 Liteskin 520 532
Schwalbe Super Moto 2.35 690 679
Specialized Eskar Control 2Bliss 2.3 770 820
Specialized Pro Fast Trak 2.0 n/a 610
Specialized Pro Resolution 2.3 n/a 760
Specialized The Captain Armadillo Elite 2Bliss n/a 762
Specialized The Captain Control 2Bliss 2.2 730 722
Specialized The Captain Control 2Bliss 2.0 670 #DIV/0!
Specialized The Captain S-Works 2Bliss 2.0 595 606
Specialized The Captain Sport n/a 742
Specialized Fast Trak LK Control n/a 610
Specialized Fast Trak Control 2Biss 2.0 630 567
Specialized Fast Trak Control 2Biss 2.2 650 602
Specialized Fast Trak S-Works LK 2Bliss 540 533
Specialized Fast Trak S-Works 2Bliss 2.2 570 562
Specialized Ground Control 2Bliss 2.1 670 624
Specialized Ground Control Grid 830 807
Specialized Ground Control S-Works 2.1 605 602
Specialized Purgatory Control 2Bliss 2.2 720 734
Specialized Purgatory Control 2Bliss 2.4 800 791
Specialized Purgatory GRID 2.3 795 820
Specialized Purgatory S-Works 2Bliss 2.2 670 670
Specialized Renegade Control 2Bliss n/a 539
Specialized Renegade S-Works 450 476
Stan’s Crow 2.0 430-470 466
Stan’s Raven 2.2 530-550 533
Stan’s Raven 2.0 470-525 488
Syncros FLavor 2.25 TLR n/a 667
Tioga Psycho Genius 2.25 folding 796 830
WTB Bronson 700 740
WTB Dissent 1540 1445
WTB Exiwolf 825 751
WTB Exiwolf (wire) 900
WTB Moto Raptor Race 538
WTB Nano Raptor 650 596
WTB Prowler 726 721
WTB Stout 950 963
WTB Vulpine 650 585
WTB Wolverine 774 776
WTB Weirwolf 784 770
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Our vesion

The carbon bike frame made by carbon fiber , everybody knows. but China is not a rich carbon fiber producer ,our group owns like 6000 works, it’s not a “big group” in China , but We sold 70% carbon fiber in the market , how is that happend ?  one reason. it’s because others carbon fiber player did a bad job .

We got lucky ,because our president, Mrs Zhang is a  Doctor of Physics, even though it’s takes 5 years digging to breakthrough carbon fiber production.  that is another story, We will talk later. the reason We writing this article is why China facing this problem .

Japan is the biggest  carbon fiber manufacturer in the world , especially Toray,  yea you heard that name right ? all the carbon fiber bike lover riding  a bike problems made by toray t700 carbon fiber.  and Japan doesn’t liKe China so much ,so, they refuse to export carbon fiber technologies ,even carbon fiber material to China . the government of Japan reset some businessman for this reason . they strongly afraid China control this technique .

but We still need a carbon bike does it? I mean nobody want riding a heave bike everyday . so that is our job now .

We will broken the Technical blockade from Japan.  and We already did it . We can produce T700 T800  carbon fiber now ,and We are heading another level of T 1000.

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Bike Size Chart How to Choose the Bike Size? There are 5 Easy Methods!

We offer three bike size chart on this article,The reason why ording bicycles online is becoming more and more popular is that the shopkeepers don’t need to pay extra money for managing shops or warehouses so that they can offer a much cheaper price. before you read this post, you may want to know more about: 3 important technical parameter you should know when choosing a bike frame

bike size chart

You may think that you should try bikes out first before purchasing them.  But I want to tell you that you don’t need to worry too much about that!

Some salesmen will tell you to try the bike first  in order to get more money from you !

In fact , that is totally False!

Why?  Because the salesmen will tell you that you can’t make sure whether the bike you purchase online is decent or not. In fact, there are many good ways to choose a good bike. If you don’t know how to measure a bike, I will show you Three Methods! (in fact, there is Five)

Do you feel more confident? Wonderful! In fact, there are five options: you can calculate according to the bike size chart below.  The bike size is measured from the seat post to the crank.  You can also refer to the bike height chart.

Let’s get it started with the easiest method.

Method Number 1: Height Bike Chart -the Easiest Method

  • 4’11” – 5’3″ = 13 – 15 inches
  • 5’3″ – 5’7″  = 15 – 17 inches
  • 5’7″ – 5’11” = 17 – 19 inches
  • 6’0″ – 6’2″ = 19 – 21 inches
  • 6’2″ – 6’4″  = 21 – 23 inches
  • 6’4″ and taller  = 23+ inches

Method Number 2: to calculate the bike size

First, take off your shoes and then separate your legs about 15-20cm (6”-8”) apart. Now you can measure the height from ground to your crotch.

You should confirm which kind of bicycle you want to buy, a mountain bike, a city bike or a road bike?

Now you can take your calculator and calculate the right size:

City bike – Leg inseam (cm) x 0,685 = bike frame size
Mountain bike –  Leg inseam (cm) x 0,66 = bike frame size
Road bike – Leg inseam (cm) x 0,70 =bike frame size

(If your inside leg is 76cm in height, then your suitable size of mountain bike, road bike, city bike is respectively 50cm (20”), 53cm and 52cm.)

For men, you can read this article for more details  : A comprehensive guide to buy right carbon bike frame size for men

Method 3: Bike Size Chart (advanced):

Rider height Leg inseam Frame size
Feet/Inches cm Inches cm Inches cm Size
4`10”-5`1” 148-158 24-29” 61-73 14” 47-49 XS
5`1″-5`5″ 158-168 25-30” 63-76 15” 50-52 S
5`5″-5`9″ 168-178 26-31” 66-78 16” 53-54 M
5`9″-6`0″ 178-185 27`-32` 68-81 17″ 55-57 L
6`0″-6`3″ 185-193 28`-33` 71-83 18″ 58-61 XL
6`1″-6`6″ 193-198 29`-34` 73-86 19″ 61-63 XXL

City bike size chart( also called commuting bikers or hybrid bikes)

Rider height Leg inseam Suggested frame size
Feet/Inches cm Inches cm Inches cm Size
4`10”-5`1” 147-155 24-29” 61-73 14” 47-49 XS
5`1`-5`5` 155-165 25-30” 63-76 15” 50-52 S
5`5`-5`9` 165-175 26-31” 66-78 16” 53-54 M
5`9`-6`0` 175-183 27`-32` 68-81 17″ 55-57 L
6`0`-6`3` 183-191 28`-33` 71-83 18″ 58-61 XL
6`1`-6`6` 191-198 29`-34` 73-86 19″ 61-63 XXL

Road bike size chart

Rider height Suggested frame size
Feet/Inches cm cm Size
4`10”-5`0” 148-152 47-48 XXS
5`0″-5`3″ 152-160 49-50 XS
5`3″-5`6″ 160-168 51-52-53 S
5`6″-5`9″ 168-175 54-55 M
5`9″-6`0″ 175-183 56-57-58 L
6`0″-6`3″ 183-191 58-59-60 XL
6`3″-6`6″ 191-198 61-62-63 XXL

Please pay attention that the meaning of frame sizes from XXS-XXL is different to different manufacturers.  For example, sizes of clothing show the current model.

bike size chart

Right saddle height

Saddle of right height plays a very important role. If the height of the saddle is too low, the power of your feet will become so weak that you cannot reach the pedals easily. I had such kind of experience in a mountain bike race.  When the height of the saddle was lowered by one inch comparing to the normal height, I would lose about 25%-50% of my power, so I have to stop and let other racers go first.  Then I began to adjust the height of the saddle which results in 15 seconds lagging behind others.  But finally, I caught up with them and even surpassed another group ahead.  This example absolutely testifies the importance of a saddle in right height!

The easiest method is to

1 make your elbow lean against the wall and you sit on the bike. (you can also ask someone to help you as the picture shows

Put your leg to the lowest point and make sure it is parallel to the ground.

Adjust your saddle up or down until your knees can bend backwards comfortably.  The suitable angle is around 30 °, but don’t waste too much energy in finding the right angel.

Go out to go cycling.  Is it make you feel good?  If not, you should adjust it again. At the same time, you can also adjust the saddle to front or rear.

Tips: If you think the height is just suitable for you, you should make a mark with a sharp object.  That is the best size chart ever.  Some bikes have calibration on the saddle, so what you should do is to keep the data in mind.

If I got my bike size wrong?

You should ask your merchant if you can send your bike back and get a right one. If you are not willing to do that, then you can do following steps.

  • To move your saddle to the front or rear
  • To buy a longer or shorter stem to change your body position
  • To buy a longer seat post
  • You should spend more time on it until you get the right feeling.  I remember when I got my first 29”mountain bike, it felt like a ship which was difficult to ride in the narrow trails of the forest.  If I sit on a 26” mountain bike now, I will burst into laughter because that size is really tiny for me.
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3 important technical parameter you should know when choosing a bike frame

Nowadays, material that can be used in making bike frame are including steel, aluminum, titanium, magnesium alloy, scandium alloy, carbon fiber and so on.   Steel, aluminum, titanium and  carbon fiber are the most common materials which are widely used  in the market. Before you choose one of these materials to make a bicycle frame, you should know  three main  technical parameters.

1.Strength.  Suppose that you put some object  hang on one end of a metal rod and its weigh is heavy enough to produce deformation for life. When you take away the heavy object, the bent metal pod is still showing without fully returning to its original state. This kind of process  is called ‘yield”.  The yield strength differs due to the difference of the material.  That is called “strength”.  The durability and the permanence of the frame are related to the way of riding instead of the quality.   Strength  is determined by the yield strength of the material. The quality and yield strength of the pipe frame have an important relationship with  the alloy composition and heat treatment.

2.RIgidity (Stiffness).  Suppose that you put one end of the metal pod in a fixed device and the other end with an heavy object, which makes the metal pod bend temporarily.  when the heavy object is removed, the metal rod will restore its original shape promptly.  if same weight is put on the different materials, it will produce the curvature at different degrees.  That is called rigidity.   The quality of the frame have to be rigid because it happens during normal riding variants.  It is decided by the elasticity of rigid material,which is an important component, rather than the elastic coefficient, the quality of the metal and its alloys.  For instance,
all types of steels basically have the same elasticity coefficient.

3.weight : weight is also an important technical parameter besides the rigidity and strength.  Rigidity is very mild like the weight of the material that is affected by the alloy component even though you close the frame ” Lite Steel TM (lightweight steel)”. In fact, almost all the stalls are in same weight. Followings are some of the features of our some common materials:

Elastic coefficient (rigid)
strength (yield point)
Weight (kg / m)
11-59 (4-22 after annealing)

Please pay attention that rigidity has nothing to do with the weight or the qualities of the material, heat treatment or alloy component.  For example,  all the vehicles, no matter they are cheap or worth thousands of dollars, they all have the same elastic coefficient 30 and weight 490.  Now we can learn that these types of the materials is used to produce frame in the same shape and thickness pipes.  The aluminum frame rigid steel frame is only one-third of titanium car and  only  half frame of steel.  The comparison above is very usual  and meaningless because nobody will use the same specification to build three different frame materials.  Actually ,the production of the bike is according to the features of the materials,the combination between  pipe diameter and wall thickness.  The rigidity of the frames  mainly depends on the diameter. The strength  mainly depends on the pipe wall thickness and diameter while  the wall thickness will have an effect on the  weight of the frame.   Frame manufacturers have to measure the intensity which is related to different diameters rigidity, thickness , weight and then they can make a final decision.

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bicycle frame size for choosing the right bike

It is very important to get the bike of your choice because it helps you to get comfortable and you can easily handle it. You can follow the Wiggle bike guide for the sake of choosing the right bike because it helps you to get rid of this problem and provide you solution. All you need to do is to read the guide and after reading it contact to an expert for getting additional information.

How to choosing the right bike frame size for you?

It is very important for you to choose the right bike for you because it can give you comfort in many ways. Bikes are usually measured by the length of its seat tube. This measurement is given in cm and inches for mountain bikes. The measurement may differ from the brand but wiggle measures all of the bikes in the same way because they have a standard and measure all of the bikes to that standard.

Measurement you need

There are many types of measurements but mostly three types are used for measuring a bike. First one is your height, the second one is your leg and the third one is your reach. You can measure a bike by using these three things.

Your height

You can determine the size of the bike on your height. You can compare the measurement of the bike with your height and if it suits you then you can buy it.

Your reach

You can also determine the bike by using your reach. The reach can be determined by measuring the gap between your arms. Your upper body should easily reach to the handle of the bike because handling a bike is you’re important. If you don’t handle your bike then there is no point in buying it. Make sure that your arm span is greater than height.

Do you need to buy a specific bike for women?

It is one of the major question asked by most of the people. Most of the people ask that is they need to buy a unisex bike or not. Most of the women tend to ride the bike same as the men and some of them like to buy a specific bike. Every person has its choice but it should be kept in mind that women are shorter than men so riding the same bike as men will give them some problem due to their height. Before buying a bike, make sure to measure it on your height.

Choosing bike for kids

It may become a problem for choosing a bike for kids because the size of kids are different from adults and also they like to choose different bikes. There are some points which you should be kept in mind before choosing a bike for your child. Make sure to take your child with you and tell him to choose the bike of his choice. Before buying a bike for your child, make sure to measure the bike and compare it to the height of your choice. If it looks comfortable to you then you can choose wiggle for buying the bike for your child.

Therefore, if you want to buy a bike and don’t know how to choose the best bike then you can get help from wiggle. It is one of the best guides which you can get. They can tell you all of the things which you need to know about the bike before knowing them. You can see charts and measure the bike according to your height so that it becomes easy for you to handle the bike.




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A comprehensive guide to buy right carbon bike frame size for men

If you are thinking to buy a bike, you are standing here at the right place for the reason that this guide is for you. When we talk about buying the ideal bike, a very few people know what to look for in an ideal bike. But considering a few factors become crucial for the reason that you should buy the perfect bike that could meet up your requirements. When we talk about the factors to consider for bike purchase, the most vital thing that comes to our mind is frame size of the bike. No matter what type of bike you are going to buy, you need to be very careful to get the right frame size depending on your height so that you could have a comfy and safe ride.

Why do you need to buy a bike? Advantages

Having a bicycle in your life is a fun way to cover short distances effectively as well as in a fun way. The people find it amazing to ride a bicycle. It is also an amazing experience to ride a bicycle in the evening for staying healthy in your life. Another vital benefit of buying a bicycle is that it minimizes the utilization of fossil fuels as well as facilitates you to take different routes. So, proffering lots of benefits to you, bicycles are easy to ride, convenient to travel, simple to park anywhere. The most significant benefit of the bicycle is that it makes you healthy, as mentioned above. So, you are suggested to buy the bicycle for you as well as for your kids.

The main categories of the bike:

There are different sizes of bikes available in the market. When you decide to buy the one, you must have enough know how about the correct size of it so that you could buy the perfect one.

Road bikes:

The first, foremost and widely used bike type is the road bike. These types of bikes are designed speedy and efficient to make your journey efficient. You can make use of these bikes in your daily life. For instance, your children can go to schools in these types of speedy and efficient bikes etc.

Mountain bikes:

Another foremost type of bike is the mountain bikes. These bikes are intended to travel in mountains. For this purpose, these are designed to have shock absorbent as well as thick wheels so that you could travel up and down the mountains in an easy manner. These bike types are made durable to proffer you the utmost safety in that journey.

Hybrid bikes:

Hybrid bikes are the mixture of above two listed bike types. They possess heavy bike frames, strong as well as thick wheels. These bikes types can facilitate you with every type of journey.

However these are not the only bikes types but in general scenario, we can divide the bikes into majorly three categories.

What is the best option for you to buy a bike?

Bike buying process isn’t something really confusing but the search for the right retailer in this regard can be difficult for you. You will find lots of options from local retailers to online ones. What is the best recommendation for you about the best retailer to buy a bike? You are suggested to buy the bikes online from makes you available a vast range of bike frame with different size so you can get the ideal one for you. You will be assured of high quality and fair prices if you choose eBay for bike shopping and have the pleasant experience of riding on quality bikes.

Rider Height Frame Size Suggested
Feet and Inches cm Inches Size
4′ 10″ – 5’2″ 148 – 158 13 – 14 XS
5′ 2″ – 5’6″ 158 – 168 15 – 16 S
5′ ‘6″ – 5’10” 168 – 178 17 – 18 M
5′ 10″ – 6’1″ 178 – 185 19 – 20 L
6′ 1″ – 6’4″ 185 – 193 21 – 22 XL
6 ‘4″ – 6’6″ 193 – 198 23 – 24 XXL


Rider Height Frame Size Suggested
Feet and Inches cm cm Size
4′ 10″ – 5’0″ 148 – 152 47 – 48 XXS
5′ 0 “- 5’3” 152 – 160 49 – 50 XS
5′ 3″ – 5’6″ 160 – 168 51 – 52 – 53 S
5 6″ – 5’9″ 168 – 175 54 – 55 M
5′ 9″ – 6’0″ 175 – 183 56 – 57 – 58 L
6′ 0″ – 6’3″ 183 – 191 58 – 59 – 60 XL
6′ 3″ – 6’6″ 191 – 198 61 – 62 – 63 XXL


Rider Height Frame Size Suggested
Feet and Inches cm Inches Size cm
4’10” – 5’1″ 147 – 155 13 – 14 XS 47 – 49
5’1″ – 5’5″ 155 – 165 15 – 16 S 50 – 52
5’5″ – 5’9″ 165 – 175 17 – 18 M 53 – 54
5’9″ – 6’0″ 175 – 183 19 -20 L 55 – 57
6’0″ – 6’3″ 183 – 191 21 – 22 XL 58 – 61
6’3″ – 6’6″ 191 – 198 23 – 25 XXL 61 – 63


Rider Height Frame Size Suggested
Feet and Inches cm cm Size
5’0″ – 5’3″ 152 – 160 49 – 50 XS
5’3″ – 5’6″ 160 – 168 51 – 52 S
5’6″ – 5’9″ 168 – 175 53 -54 M
5’9″ – 6’0″ 175 – 183 55 – 56 L
6’0″ – 6’3″ 183 – 191 57 – 58 XL
6’3″ – 6’6″ 191 – 198 60 – 61 XXL


Rider Age or Height Wheel Size Suggested
Feet and Inches cm Age Inches
3’7″ – 4’0″ 110 – 122 5 – 7 years 16
4’0″ – 4’10” 122 – 147 7 – 11 years 18
4’10” – 6’4″ 147 – 193 11+ years 20


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The introduction of T800 carbon fiber (

What does T700、T800 and T1000 mean?

T series is carbon fiber series with strength from Japan’s Toray  Corporation. Just as showed above, its main feature is that the differences in strength and gradient among different products are very huge while the changes in modulus are relatively small. It forms an entire carbon fiber product system along with Toray’s carbon fiber with high strength and high modulus.  T800 carbon fiber is Toray’s product naming method. This series has become a good example in this industry because of its good products and early production.

The production and development situation of carbon fiber in China

Carbon fiber is a national strategic emerging material which can be directly applied to the military field, such as missile, rocket, battle plane and so on.  So its related technology, key equipment and material are all banned and restricted in foreign countries, which results in a long-time serious lag in China’s carbon fiber industry chain, especially the source of carbon fiber industry—the nationalization of carbon fiber.

Taking us( for example, T700’s kiloton-class  production line has been put into operation in the early time. The technical maturity has reached to 7-level which is the highest in China.   T700’s kiloton-class production line has just been put into operation since 2016.  It has taken us more than 10 years to do that. We begin to make profits recently while we always lose our money in the former years.  At present there is no problem with mass production because the intrinsic performance can reach T800. Many Chinese companies can produce T800 in some domestic  coverages. T800 is the highest level of carbon fiber that can be produced massively. Others have not the ability of mass production.    There is a bad phenomenon in China that people are used to sensationalizing everything.  They confused batch application with the way they can make it. How to make it is just a beginning, and continuous and stable bulk supply is the key point.

What are the main problems of domestic T800 material in mass production?

In recent years, dozens of companies begin to develop the projects on carbon fiber. But only a few can supply in a large amount of quantities.  The main problem lies in the insufficient craft, equipment and personnel.  We have no direct tech source due to the foreign blockage, so we have to explore by ourselves.  The equipment we can get is very general, so only post-improvement and integration can meet the production needs of T800-level. What’s more, we have to train the personnel. Anther point is that, generally,if you want to produce products for civil use, T300 and T700 is good enough while the cost of T800 is higher. In terms of the factor of cost,market demands for civilization is relatively small. In addition, T800-class carbon fiber is usually the entry level of aerospace products.  These fields with high demands needs strict requirements for the stability of carbon fiber. It requires a long cycle for verification  and short time for nationalization. Now we don’t have the premise of mass production.

How is the T800 carbon fiber  launched by

The research and development of T800-level carbon fiber has begun for a long time which is based on the kiloton T700-level. The process of research and development must have a technical heritage. Given that carbon fiber has reached the T800-level, the performance should be the same as Toray’s T800 according to an unified standard, that is to say,its tensile strength is around 5490MPa,its tensile modulus  is around 300GPa and other parameters all reach the same level.  In addition, some parameters will be different because of the crafts and tech level of every corporation.

Ours carbon fiber material with T800-level

Carbon fiber and Precursor  in different levels

Ours  T800-level carbon fiber is entitled “SYT55”.  Kilometer precursor polymerization line is formerly put into production in 2016.  It takes more than 5 years to research and develop from project approval to going into production of  one hundred tons level. It takes another 1 year to become kiloton-level. So the cycle is very long.  During the process of research and development, we need to overcome thousands of craft parameters  including polymerization,spinning and carbonation as well as the design, building,installation,continuous improvement of supporting equipment.  It contains many different kinds technical difficulties.  It takes a big step from one hundred tons level to kiloton level, which requires different craft parameters and equipment requirements.  If anything, it will takes a long time to research and develop carbon fiber with T800 level, which requires a high technical difficulty. The exposition will be told next time.

The research and development of ours( T800 material has achieved a breakthrough.


Workshop for producing precursor

One of the core advantages about the development of carbon fiber is that we can rely on the resources from YingYou Group, which owns the design, integration,producing capability of core equipment for carbon fiber’s application and production.  The resources are very important because they have a great effect on the following improvements, which other companies lack.  The second advantage is that they make not only carbonation, but also PAN precursor, which is the core of carbon fiber. It accounts for 50% of the cost and is also the DNA of carbon fiber.  Whether the precursor is good or not will determine carbon fiber’s  advantages and disadvantages of intrinsic performance. The third advantage is that the carbon fiber of Shen Ying can guarantee the output,which is very crucial about the continuous improvements of craft and influence on the production of carbon fiber. If a company only focuses on the production capability more than yield, it will be a failure.The fourth advantage is that the section of carbon fiber material has formed full industry chain in this corporation. And every stage has formed its discrete company, which will be beneficial to market operation and coherent innovation.

The application situation of carbon fiber material in domestic bicycle industry

Considering the cost, most of the carbon fiber bikes are mainly made out of T700 while few parts will be made out of T800.  Only lightweight bikes will use T800 for every part.  As to other T series carbon fiber with a higher level will be used for few bikes because of the cost and market demands.Foreign countries have a strict transport restriction on China about  carbon fiber material,especially T800 and other high-end carbon fiber.

What it the core tech about the processing of carbon fiber bikes.

There are many crafts about the finished products of carbon fiber.  And different crafts require different equipment and procedures. Taking bikes as an example, its producing step is carbon fiber silk,weaving,presoaking,design,development,cutting material,coil stock,moulding,processing gluing,polishing and finishing,and package. Its key step is presoaking,design, development,coil stock and moulding, which is also the core and key point of many bicycle companies in the market.

Presoaking mainly determines the performance capability. Whether it is good or bad directly affects interior quality. Design determines the appearance of the products.For example, whether the wind resistance will affect human being and machines engineering,whether the mould shaping is convenient,and so on. Development determines the layup structure of products, which is also the core in the designs of composite. The angel of the cabochon cloth,the thickness of the layup and order are all very crucial. The importance of the coil stock mainly lies in the workers’ proficiency in operation and their quality,otherwise, they can’t make a good product  however good the coil stock is. Shaping means the final shaping of good design and development. Most of its performance parameter is shaped in this step and its shaping craft and supporting equipment are both very crucial.

Carbon fiber can be knitted to cloth. Carbon fiber has an universe application.

The application of carbon fiber in the future

The market occupancy rate of domestic carbon fiber from ours company remains more than 70% in domestic market. That means its supply to the market is very huge.  We will export few products to foreign countries. The accumulative sales volume reached to 2400 tons in 2016.  We started to make profits on the carbon fiber in 2016, which was the first profit among the domestic carbon fiber corporations, which is only for civil use.