Chinese bicycle parts brands

What is this?

As a China based carbon bike parts supplier ,We understand our goal is not only offer best quality carbon bike parts, but also responsive to others bike parts. we know that the carbon bike can't running without chain, gear etc..

This is why We built this listing .We have collected most famous Chinese based bike parts brands and ranking them .

So our customer have a clear understanding about how to get most affordable bike parts with good performance .

We never forget that our goal is offer best riding performance with affordable price .

Before you using this list, they are some notes You should know :

  1. do this just benefit our customers.
  2. don't take responsibility of those company's reputation , We do our best to insure those companies are the good player in bike parts market, but doesn't mean You can trading with them without certificate and discovery . always pay more attention on international trading .
  3. leave a comment and ranking them, if You have dealt with one for them to help more people around world.