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Electric powered bike Electric Bicycle

Chaoyue breaks through the idea of traditional electromobiles and combines both the assistance of pure torque and the intelligent new technology. Chaoyue hoesuccessfully obtained the national appearance design patent and the invention potent of related components because of its perfect streamline shape. It breaks the stable structure of the combined triangle of the bicycle, cancels the middle tube, makes the saddle suspend in the air. Mid torque motor captures torque signals accurately according to the change of the rider’s force, which provides reasonable assistance. It realizes the seamless connection between manpower and electricity, depresses the pressure on the rider’s knees when climbing uphill at the speed of 0 and reduces the knee wear, achieving real integration and intellectualization of human and bike. The hidden battery design keeps the original intention of further transcendence. It is powered by strong Panasonic power lithium-ion battery pack. When the Chaoyue meter is opened you can see the power and speed clearly. It is a patented design for easy operation during riding. The 2-in-1 innovative design of the car lock and the storage rack satisfies your needs for different usages.

Films:CHOOCH Electric Bicycle
product brand:Super Wyatt CHOOCH
Product Category:Electric Bicycle Bicycle
Product Size:1620.00 * 380.00 * 980.00 (cm)
Product Weight:18.80 (kg)
Product Price:5599.00 (RMB)

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