Light bike factory

Our carbon frame factory located in Jiangsu province China.

We specialized  in produce carbon fiber frames.

We have more then 400 set of carbon frame moulds, I believe it’s the largest one in the world!

We have so many heating machines and that allowing us producing more than 300-500 bike frame per day.

and we expend to bought more new machines, the blue one is the new generation heating center.

our well trained workers working so hard to make each product just perfect.

We cut the whole producing process to 9 steps.

We have strict test process for ours frames.

And we have a whole department to working on developing new frame, to make sure we are the leader.

Our products shipping all the world and we have done OEM for many brands

Yes we are the leader.

And this a surprise , we have supplied carbon fiber to making aerospace ship.this is gift from China National Space Administration.

Great enjoy those years working with You guys in carbon bike industry !