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Family Car Family Bike

We: The integrated frame mode of aluminum alloy is designed for carrying children or heavy stuff The chain cover is fully packaged in a simple way, which prevents the scrape between children’s feet and the chain. Optional shielding of the rims.Front and rear built-in lamps, which ensures the safety of night ride.

Practical: Force moment, lightweight lithium electric power system, human power + electrical power hybrid drive the bike move forward. Multiple ways to use the bike, rich peripheral accessories, to that it can be easy to carry one child, two children, dogs or things, and at the some time, it greatly extends the time span of the product being used in the family. Internal three-speed setting, which can meet various kinds of riding environments.

Comfortable:The extension of shelf area makes both parents and children have more stretch space. 24×1.5 wheel set is more suitable for the body and cycling habits of Asian .Low frame makes it more convenient for people to get on and off easily.

Films:WKUP multi-functional home car Multi Functional Family e-Bike
product brand:WKUP City Cycling WKUP urban cycling
Product Category:Family Car Family Bike
Product Size:175.00 * 56.00 * 94.00 (cm)
Product Weight:19.00 (kg)
Product Price:4800.00 (RMB)

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