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The introduction of T800 carbon fiber (

What does T700、T800 and T1000 mean?

T series is carbon fiber series with strength from Japan’s Toray  Corporation. Just as showed above, its main feature is that the differences in strength and gradient among different products are very huge while the changes in modulus are relatively small. It forms an entire carbon fiber product system along with Toray’s carbon fiber with high strength and high modulus.  T800 carbon fiber is Toray’s product naming method. This series has become a good example in this industry because of its good products and early production.

The production and development situation of carbon fiber in China

Carbon fiber is a national strategic emerging material which can be directly applied to the military field, such as missile, rocket, battle plane and so on.  So its related technology, key equipment and material are all banned and restricted in foreign countries, which results in a long-time serious lag in China’s carbon fiber industry chain, especially the source of carbon fiber industry—the nationalization of carbon fiber.

Taking us( for example, T700’s kiloton-class  production line has been put into operation in the early time. The technical maturity has reached to 7-level which is the highest in China.   T700’s kiloton-class production line has just been put into operation since 2016.  It has taken us more than 10 years to do that. We begin to make profits recently while we always lose our money in the former years.  At present there is no problem with mass production because the intrinsic performance can reach T800. Many Chinese companies can produce T800 in some domestic  coverages. T800 is the highest level of carbon fiber that can be produced massively. Others have not the ability of mass production.    There is a bad phenomenon in China that people are used to sensationalizing everything.  They confused batch application with the way they can make it. How to make it is just a beginning, and continuous and stable bulk supply is the key point.

What are the main problems of domestic T800 material in mass production?

In recent years, dozens of companies begin to develop the projects on carbon fiber. But only a few can supply in a large amount of quantities.  The main problem lies in the insufficient craft, equipment and personnel.  We have no direct tech source due to the foreign blockage, so we have to explore by ourselves.  The equipment we can get is very general, so only post-improvement and integration can meet the production needs of T800-level. What’s more, we have to train the personnel. Anther point is that, generally,if you want to produce products for civil use, T300 and T700 is good enough while the cost of T800 is higher. In terms of the factor of cost,market demands for civilization is relatively small. In addition, T800-class carbon fiber is usually the entry level of aerospace products.  These fields with high demands needs strict requirements for the stability of carbon fiber. It requires a long cycle for verification  and short time for nationalization. Now we don’t have the premise of mass production.

How is the T800 carbon fiber  launched by

The research and development of T800-level carbon fiber has begun for a long time which is based on the kiloton T700-level. The process of research and development must have a technical heritage. Given that carbon fiber has reached the T800-level, the performance should be the same as Toray’s T800 according to an unified standard, that is to say,its tensile strength is around 5490MPa,its tensile modulus  is around 300GPa and other parameters all reach the same level.  In addition, some parameters will be different because of the crafts and tech level of every corporation.

Ours carbon fiber material with T800-level

Carbon fiber and Precursor  in different levels

Ours  T800-level carbon fiber is entitled “SYT55”.  Kilometer precursor polymerization line is formerly put into production in 2016.  It takes more than 5 years to research and develop from project approval to going into production of  one hundred tons level. It takes another 1 year to become kiloton-level. So the cycle is very long.  During the process of research and development, we need to overcome thousands of craft parameters  including polymerization,spinning and carbonation as well as the design, building,installation,continuous improvement of supporting equipment.  It contains many different kinds technical difficulties.  It takes a big step from one hundred tons level to kiloton level, which requires different craft parameters and equipment requirements.  If anything, it will takes a long time to research and develop carbon fiber with T800 level, which requires a high technical difficulty. The exposition will be told next time.

The research and development of ours( T800 material has achieved a breakthrough.


Workshop for producing precursor

One of the core advantages about the development of carbon fiber is that we can rely on the resources from YingYou Group, which owns the design, integration,producing capability of core equipment for carbon fiber’s application and production.  The resources are very important because they have a great effect on the following improvements, which other companies lack.  The second advantage is that they make not only carbonation, but also PAN precursor, which is the core of carbon fiber. It accounts for 50% of the cost and is also the DNA of carbon fiber.  Whether the precursor is good or not will determine carbon fiber’s  advantages and disadvantages of intrinsic performance. The third advantage is that the carbon fiber of Shen Ying can guarantee the output,which is very crucial about the continuous improvements of craft and influence on the production of carbon fiber. If a company only focuses on the production capability more than yield, it will be a failure.The fourth advantage is that the section of carbon fiber material has formed full industry chain in this corporation. And every stage has formed its discrete company, which will be beneficial to market operation and coherent innovation.

The application situation of carbon fiber material in domestic bicycle industry

Considering the cost, most of the carbon fiber bikes are mainly made out of T700 while few parts will be made out of T800.  Only lightweight bikes will use T800 for every part.  As to other T series carbon fiber with a higher level will be used for few bikes because of the cost and market demands.Foreign countries have a strict transport restriction on China about  carbon fiber material,especially T800 and other high-end carbon fiber.

What it the core tech about the processing of carbon fiber bikes.

There are many crafts about the finished products of carbon fiber.  And different crafts require different equipment and procedures. Taking bikes as an example, its producing step is carbon fiber silk,weaving,presoaking,design,development,cutting material,coil stock,moulding,processing gluing,polishing and finishing,and package. Its key step is presoaking,design, development,coil stock and moulding, which is also the core and key point of many bicycle companies in the market.

Presoaking mainly determines the performance capability. Whether it is good or bad directly affects interior quality. Design determines the appearance of the products.For example, whether the wind resistance will affect human being and machines engineering,whether the mould shaping is convenient,and so on. Development determines the layup structure of products, which is also the core in the designs of composite. The angel of the cabochon cloth,the thickness of the layup and order are all very crucial. The importance of the coil stock mainly lies in the workers’ proficiency in operation and their quality,otherwise, they can’t make a good product  however good the coil stock is. Shaping means the final shaping of good design and development. Most of its performance parameter is shaped in this step and its shaping craft and supporting equipment are both very crucial.

Carbon fiber can be knitted to cloth. Carbon fiber has an universe application.

The application of carbon fiber in the future

The market occupancy rate of domestic carbon fiber from ours company remains more than 70% in domestic market. That means its supply to the market is very huge.  We will export few products to foreign countries. The accumulative sales volume reached to 2400 tons in 2016.  We started to make profits on the carbon fiber in 2016, which was the first profit among the domestic carbon fiber corporations, which is only for civil use.

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