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Mountain Bike Frame

Scandium alloy mountain bike frame T1630 is made of scandium alloy, which makes the bike be of lighter weight, higher strength and stronger corrosion resistance. As for geometry, it uses 27.5, metal-head tube mark, SPF forming, hidden disc brakes, 142.12 barrel and shaft hooked claws, Kinesis patent stop-plug, and total internal cabling design (the line directly coming out from the top tube). For appearance, it uses anode black treatment to make the lightweight structure perfect.

Films:Scalium Alloy Frame TI630Scandium 27.5Frame TI630
product brand:Bu Wei Kinesis
Product Category:Mountain Bike Frame
Product Size:107.00 * 19.60 * 62.50 (cm)
Product Weight:1.45 (kg)
Product Price:3200.00 (RMB)

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