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XING ZHE One-stop Solution of Cycling Events

XING ZHE One-stop Solution of Cycling Events carbon frame
XING ZHE One-stop Solution of Cycling Events
in 2016, the fast development of sports events. Traveler also did a lot of work in the event services. Walker APP has accumulated rich Practical experience after one year market promotin•nce showing on competition board since 2016 g and operating Xingzhe’s match service g on the publicity has been carried out focusing contents which can practically solve the pain spots of matches, such as “match py”, “registration fee collection”, “road book support”, “time keeping and attendance registration”, “el referee”, “live broadcast and interaction” ectronic “score inquiry” and “back-stage management”. In 2017, Xingzhe match solution will optimize the match solution from a broader degree and a more flexible mechanism. Besides, in 2016, Xingzhe match solution, mainly developed the matches in the field of cycling deeply. In 2017, Xingzhe will step into the pan-outdoor field. Based on the tool properties of Xingzhe, match contents such as hiking, running and triathlon will be comprehensively supported. Moreover, regarding the form of contest, Walker will not only serve offline race, but also open more functions to support online contest. It’s our honor to invite the director of the walker tournament, Ms. Feng Lingya at this micro BBS to talk about the one-stop solution of the walker event for everyone.

XING ZHE One-stop Solution of Cycling Events carbon frame1

Xingzhe App is the biggest outdoor cycling sport App in China, and ranks first in Cycling and Outdoor Trekking category of every App store. It now has more than 5.5 million registered users, vertically covering crowds who enjoy sports of high net worth. Xingzhe App currently own the unique software techniques travel plan), the smart hardware of Xingzhe Branded cycle which was researched and developed independently, and race SAAS system etc. core products. From 2015, the riders develop from tools to community operation and platformization. At present, the riders have more than half of market share in the riding vertical field and have a large number of loyal fans. So far the total downloads are 20 million, daily active users are 200,000+, motion trajectories are 20 million. The mileage of all users are total 600 million kilometers which are equivalent to 15,000 circles around the earth and other data. After the continuous effort of workers in Xingzhe, Xingzhe APP set a relatively high rampart in areas like core technology and brand culture, and it also enjoys high user loyalty and recognition on Xinghzhe’s brand.

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