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YouBike YouBike Urban Sharing Bicycle From Taiwan


youbike is a public bike company which has the ability to research and development, design, manufacture, operate , it is also the only bicycle manufacturer in the world .the field of public bicycles. As a subsystem of public transportation. it provides another connecting choice between the two ends of the public. In 2008, 11 trial operation sites were started around the Xinyi project area.

After nine years’ joint efforts with the municipal government, with its high-quality bicycles and excellent operation services, YouBike ameliorates the traffic problems and improves the quality of life, which is warmly welcomed by people in Taiwan. It has currently provided services in Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Xinzhu, Taichung, Zhanghua. This is also the most successful case of cooperation between the government and the civil society.

Quanzhou YouBike officially started on June 30th, 2016. This project means that Taiwan YouBike public rental bicycle system gets comprehensively implemented in Mainland China for the first time YouBike’s coming into service in the mainland has attracted great attention from the mainland and Taiwan media, which is also very popular with the public.

During its 8-month operation, it has completed the construction of 410 parking lots and provided 13,000 bikes, with the riding times exceeding 10 million and an average daily turnover of 8 rounds. YouBike is not only to solve the problem of the “last mile of the public travel”, but also to ride into the city’s cultural life, and also, it will gradually create a new urban commuter culture in environmental protection and energy saving.

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